Friday, March 23, 2007

Two out of Three Ain't Bad

Woo Hoo! In my last blog, I said I was looking for John Platt's birthcertificate, his parent's marriage certificate and his mother's maiden name. Well, I got two out of three within several days of posting, and am absolutely thrilled.
The above is John Platt's birth certificate, and as an added bonus, it lists his mother's maiden name as Stocks! I ordered it from the General Register Office (GRO) online, and received it within a week! I tested ordering this online vs. the traditional mail in a request, and the latter took over a month. The link for the GRO is You can also Google "GRO Ordering" and it pops right up.
Transcription of the birth certificate with the printed form in regular type, input information in bold, and handwritten info in italic:
Banner across top:
on left: Certified Copy of an Entry of Birth
on right: Given at the General Register Office, Application Number COL030859
Top Box:
Registration District Belper
1838 Birth in the Sub-district of Wirksworth in the Country of Derby
Middle Box:
No. 273
When and Where Born: Eighth of December 1838 at Holloway
Name: John
Sex: Male
Name and Surname of Father: Josiah Platts
Name, Surname and maiden surname of Mother: Martha Platts formerly Stocks
Occupation of father: Book Keeper
Signature, description and residence of informant: X The mark of Martha Platts, mother, Holloway
When Registered: Twenty second of December 1838
Signature of Registrar: Marcellus Peale, Registrar
Name entered after registration: [lined through]
Below middle box:
Certified to be a true copy of an entry in the certified copy of a Register of Births in the District above mentioned. Given at the General Register Office, under the Seal of the said Office, the 16th day of March 2007.
Again, I will not be transcribing the small print at the bottom of the form.

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