Saturday, March 17, 2007

Who's Who -- Josiah and Martha Platt's Family

As per the previous marriage certificate in the previous post, John Platts' father was Josiah Platts. Looking at on-line British records (starting 1837), I was able to locate most of the family.
Josiah Platts married Martha (maiden name unknown) and had the following children:
William Platts (b. abt 1825)
Anne Platts (b. abt. 1828)
Joseph Platts (b. abt 1829)
James Platts (b. abt 1831)
Samuel Platts (b. abt 1833)
Henry Platts (b. abt 1835)
John Platts (b. abt 1837)
All children appear to be born in Holloway, Ashford, Derbyshire, England.
I am still looking for John Platt's birth certificate, Josiah & Martha's marriage certificate and Martha's maiden name.

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