Sunday, April 22, 2007

The death of Josiah Platts

The above is the certified copy of Josiah Platt's entry into the Death Registry. Here is my best translation:

Application No. COL 864309
Registration District: Belper
1850 Death in the Subdistrict of Worksworth in the County of Derby

No. 222
When and where died: Thirtieth April 1850, Lea (town)
Name and Surname: Josiah Platts
Sex: Male
Age: 53 years
Occupation: Bookkeeper
Cause of Death: Dropsy, 4 months, Not Certified
Signature, description and residence of informant: Samuel Platts [son], in attendance, Lea
When Registered: Fourth May 1850
Signature of Registrar: Marcellus Peal, Registrar

Some notes and comments on Josiah's Death:

1) Dropsy was our ancestor's term for Edema (swelling), which was usually caused by kidneys or heart disease (especially congestive heart failure).
2) Not Certified means that the death was not attended by a physician or other official who would have treated or verified the disease. The local constable would inquire into these deaths if deemed suspicious.
3) Samuel was very much in demand to witness family events. He was about 16 when he attended and reported his father's death. He also attended and reported his mother's death and he was the witness to John & Sarah Platt's wedding.