Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Who's Who -- Albert and Margaret Platts' Family

Margaret D. Platts married Charles Scheel, as mentioned in a previous post: Who's Who -- the family of Charles Scheel (b. 1898). I still haven't found their marriage certificate, but I'm looking!

This post details her parents and siblings. Her parents were:
Albert John Platts (1873-1956)
and Margaret [last name unknown] (1877-1963).
Note: Her mother's maiden name is possible Carlin, but I haven't verified this yet.

Albert and Margaret had the following children:

Sarah Platts (1897-1982)
Albert Platts (1900-??)
Margaret D. Platts (1902-1968) -- our Margaret!
Elizabeth Platts (1906-??)
Ethel Platts (1908-??)
Mary Platts (1910-??)
Anna Platts (1912-??)
Clarence Platts (1915-??)
William Platts (1919 -??)

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