Saturday, December 09, 2006

Housekeeping: Nomenclature to tell people apart

About this time in the Scheel genealogy, there starts to be a lot of similar names. For example, Charles Scheel could be:
(a) the name of Margaret Platt's husband, and Edward Scheel's son;
(b) the name of Edward Scheel's brother; AND
(c) the name of Edward Scheel's father.

All of these would be correct -- and all would be different people! Because adding a middle name doesn't make it any easier to keep track of them, and because many of their middle names are not know to me, I will be designating them by listing their birth years after their name. In the case where I don't know exactly what year they were born, I will put abt for About before the year. Therefore:

Charles Scheel (b. 1898) = Margaret Platt's husband and son of Edward Scheel (b. 1874)
Charles Scheel (b. 1858) = brother of Edward Scheel (b. 1874)*
Charles Scheel (b. abt 1829) = father of Edward Scheel (b. 1874)*
*I'll be posting more about this family shortly.

This works great for the men, but the women in the family pose their own problem. Because of American traditions of taking the husband's name, these women were known by one name for part of their lives and another for the rest of it. So not only will they be listed with their birth years, but also by first-maiden-married name sequence. So:

Margaret Platts Scheel (b. 1902) is the wife of Charles Scheel (b. 1898); and
Margaret Scheel Doyle (b. abt. 1912) is his sister.

This should hopefully make it easier to see which line married into the Scheel line, and who belongs to those lines (I hope).

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