Sunday, November 05, 2006

Charles Scheel Birth Certificate

First, let me apologize for the pink in the middle of the document. Evidentially red ink is part of the colored paper they use to stop forgeries. It's suppose to turn up as the word "VOID" printed multiple times if xeroxed. Unfortunately, if the document gets wet, like this did in transit, the red masses into these pink blobs.
This is the birth certificate of my husband's grandfather, Charles Scheel, from the City of Buffalo, Bureau of Vital Statistics. This means that Charles was born within the city limits of Buffalo. Otherwise it would have come from the county offices.
In case you can't read the image or the writing:
Name of Child: Charles Scheel
Sex: Male
Color: White
Date of Birth: Nov. 17, 1898
Place of Birth: 37 E. Ferry St.
Father's Name: Edward C. Scheel
If out of wedlock, write OW: (blank)
Father's Residence: 37 E. Ferry St.
Father's Birthplace: U.S.
Age: 24
Occupation: Merchant
Mother's Name: Mary Culver
Mother's Name before Marriage: (ditto marks)
Mother's Residence: 37 E. Ferry St.
Mother's Birthplace: U.S.
Age: 25 years
No. of Mother's previous Children: 0
How many now living: (blank)
Date of Report: Nov. 18, 1898
Besides giving me Charles' birthdate, this document gives us very important other information. First, it verifies his mother's maiden name. Prior to my receiving this document, I had guessed it was Culver from 1900 Census when Mary's mother was living with them. However, there were often re-marriages, so Mary's mother could have had a different last name than Mary's maiden name.
Next, it tells me he was born at home, and the address of that house. If I get inspired, I can actually look at purchase records, the mortgage info and title information for the house. In addition, since families often lived at the same residences for more than one generation, it's possible to find other ancestors or relatives using just the address.

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