Friday, September 07, 2007

The First Marriage of John Platts

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Back when I looked at the marriage of John Platts and Sarah Redfern in 1867 (see previous post of 3/14/07), I remarked on his Widower status, given that in 1861 he was unmarried. Further research has turned up his short, first marriage.
Here below is my best transcription of his first marriage license, with handwritten items in italic:
Certified Copy of an Entry of Marriage
Given at the General Registry Office
Application Number: COL126267
1864. Marriage Solemnized in Birchwood Chapel, Alfreton in the District of Belper in the County of Derby.

No. 65
When Married: Sixteenth July 1864
Groom's Information:
Name: John Platts
Age: 25 years
Condition: Bachelor
Occupation: Machine Man
Father's Name and Surname: Josiah Platts, deceased
Profession of Father: Bookkeeper
Bride's Information:
Name: Maria Bunting
Age: 21 yearsCondition: SpinsterOccupation: [none given; lined through]
Father's Name and Surname: William Bunting, deceasedProfession of Father: Lead Miner
Married in the Birchwood Chapel according to the rites and ceremonies of the Wesleyan Reformers, by me
Edwin Crane, Minister
Francis Mather, Registrar
This Marriage was solemnized between us
John Platts
Maria Bunting
In the presence of us
Samuel Platts
Anne Burnett
Note: While it appears that there should be signatures for the last three sets of names, the handwriting looks like it was all done by the same person, possibly the registrar copying the actual wedding certificate, with original signatures (or X's), into the Registry.


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