Saturday, January 20, 2007

Albert Platt's Birth Registry

Margaret Platts married Charles Scheel (see previous posts), and in one of the quirks of genealogy, I am able to trace her line (the Platts side) back to 1841. Because it is so rare to be able to trace back four generations at a shot, I will be taking the opportunity to do so.
I will be starting with this post on her father's birth, then moving back via family who's who until her great-grandfather in 1841 in England. I will then move forward with the Census and Directory informaiton that I have until 1930 (last US Census released), ending with Margaret & Charles' family on that census.

Albert's Birth Registry is on the center bottom, left side. Translation:
Page #216
Registration District of Wellington
Division of Guelph
Birth Registry:
No. 119 (stamped 024120)
When Born: 16th June 1873
Name: Albert John Platts
Sex: M
Name and Surname of Father: John Platts
Name and Surname of Mother: Sarah Redfern
Rank or Profession of Father: Machinist
Signature of Informant: Sarah Platts
When Registered: 24 July 1873
Name of Accoucher: Dr. McGuire
Signature of Registrar: Geo. Harry?
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Footer of Page:
I hereby certify the foregoing to be true and correct entries of all Births returned to me for the (1/2) year ending July 15, 1873
Given under my hand, this 28th day of July, AD 1873
John Harvey, Division Registrar of Guelph

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papardp said...

I am not sure if this is still an active blog (I hope it is).
I have following some of the Platts family history and I have found most of my family came from around Cole-Orton in the Leichestershire area of England.
My Great Great Grandfather John L. Platts was born in Cole-Orton and left there in 1854 to move to the Salt Lake Valley in Utah. He was a stone mason and built a house there which is still standing to this day. It is on the National Historic Registery.
I would certainly like to learn more if you have any additional information.
You can learn more about John L. Platts at and contact me at
Again thank you for your post.
Robert Platts
Estacada OR USA